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Welcome to the Bimbelonlineprivat. Is a Multimedia Bimbel featuring Video Concepts of Complete Theory Understanding Per Chapter and Discussion of Questions by Chapter from grade 1 SD – 12 Complete SMA, Discussion of SD, SMP, SMA and Vocational National Examinations from 2012, Discussion of SBMPTN, SNMPTN, SPMB from tofu 2010 also discussed SIMAK UI, UGM, PKN STAN, UTUL ZENIUS MULTIMEDIA. You don’t need a special place to study, the video tutorials can be accessed anywhere at any time via DVD or Online Video via Personal Computer (PC), laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Now you can tutor freely on gadgets with a focus but relaxed atmosphere because the tutors are not only smart, the language is really slang. Please see the testimonials of Zenius users to motivate them to move forward. Also, we can help our students who are looking for UCAT Practice Tests, UCAT 1-1 Tutor, UCAT Live Day Course or UCAT Online Course.

Now Online Tutoring or Online Private Tutoring can be done anywhere at any time using only PC computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, tablets, smartphones. An convenience that has been enjoyed by some students who already know the existence of this Online Bimbel, namely 

The complete testimonials: Can Be Online Anytime, Anywhere

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To be clearer, just look at the Demos, click below: Cost Zenius net 12 months Price 9 Months Also for 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month. (Please choose a demo according to SD, SMP, or SMA) With the Package device like the picture above you will get a serious but relaxed and sociable learning atmosphere …

We present the work of the best sons of the nation, products with 90% local content. This Zeniu s Xpedia Bimbel Online DVD package or Online Private Tutoring has many advantages/conveniences:

  • Focus on mastering concepts, not memorizing so that students are taught to appear creative characters.
  • Learning like private lessons with the best tutors, Zenius alumni of ITB, UI etc … anywhere, anytime.
  • Delivering in casual & slang language so that students like it & are easy to understand so, not lazy anymore.
  • The material being listened to can be repeated as needed.
  • The material can be selected as needed.
  • Parents can get closer to their children by accompanying them when studying at the computer when they have free time.
  • Based on the experience of parents, children become enthusiastic about learning, their parents also refresh their knowledge.
  • As a national exam practice it is also equipped with National Exam Answers, National Exam Prediction Questions.

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Online tutoring in-person such as private tutoring is also available online at, a zenius learning video using the internet via your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The difference with Zenius multimedia CD, which is a small part of, where Zenius multimedia CD contains a specific lesson, while contains a broader content that is all complete lessons available at all levels of SD SMP or SMA with material, with concepts and detailed teaching updates.

Starting from SD, SMP, SMA to ALUMNI including preparation for the National Examination (UN) and National Selection to Enter State Universities (SNMPTN). Only with an internet connection and registering as a member, you can study more effectively and efficiently, because you can adjust your own time and learning style according to your needs.

Learn zenius very updates and complete

Because Zenius has been doing research for years until now to find the most effective learning method! Zenius not only helps you to understand lessons at school, but is also trained to be creative, think and reason properly. So you are also smart in general and your IQ can increase.
Diverse Knowledge in more than 22,000 videos There are thousands of videos with various knowledge topics that you can watch on Complete with interesting pictures and animations and teaching methods that will make you really understand. You can enjoy videos with a total duration of more than 1000 hours! Coupled with the latest video updates!

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