7 Tips for Using Zenius Bimbel Mandiri

Positive Consumer Response to Learning Media Zenius.net 

From the experiences of consumers who respond to the existence of zenius.net learning media, they are divided into several groups:

  • Students

Usually if the question is a student, it is most likely a high school student. Because in him there is a growing awareness that the learning media reviews Zenius . this net . 
What is Zenius is a learning solution for them. Plus the level of difficulty of high school students is more than junior high school level let alone elementary school.

  • Parents

If those who respond from parents are usually students who will use zenius.net learning media are elementary or junior high school students, although not all of them.

  • Students who respond but who contact zenius.net learning media are parents

There is also the last group where the response is among the children but the ones who contacted the zenius.net learning media were their parents.Of the 3 groups mentioned above, zenius.net learning media are easier to detect by high school students or parents, then some students know by word of mouth.

7 Effective Tips for Using Learning Media Zenius.net:

  1. Get to know the content of the zenius.net learning media , there will undoubtedly arise interest or interest
  2.  Start by listening to the zenius.net learning media guide which contains motivation, learning management, etc.
  3.   Listen to the conceptual theory then strengthen understanding by working on the questions in the chapter then play the discussion.
  4. We recommend that you record things that are considered important to strengthen understanding, prepare a special notebook.
  5. If you don’t understand, playback the video or rewind it.
  6. If children lack interest in learning, parents should provide assistance. Schedule a special time to study and sit together in front of the computer, without having to explain … just support it, because the child follows or listens to the zenius bimbel learning media when the child will be interested or addicted to the style of delivery of a relaxed but smart multimedia zenius tutor tutor.
  7. Parents are advised to perform controlling the extent to which the learning media zenius her lessons were learned with persuasive invitation.

Hopefully these tips are useful … Thank you
Congratulations to those of you who always try to pray and laugh to the Almighty