CD Zenius Net UN SD

Zenius Video Discusses SD UN Questions

Get tutoring for SD UN preparation at by studying in front of a laptop and watching, listening to video videos discussing elementary school questions that will help provide understanding from the start. However, if it is considered early, just look at the end of the video to see the final answer to the question.

CD Zenius UN SD

The CD package Zenius Multimedia Learning SD National Examination (SD UN) contains predictions and UN questions for 4 years plus predictions and complete video discussion videos that have been categorized based on SKL and are also equipped with PDF questions that function so that the questions are tried first so that when the discussion later feels easy to understand, so you know where the mistake is if you answer wrongly.Contents:

  • 1 Maths CD
  • 1 Science CD
  • 1 Indonesian CD

Total duration: 27 hours
Free 14 days Access online video
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There is also a Zenius Net SD Voucher

Zenius net sd voucher is a means of learning by accessing elementary school video lessons accessed on zenius net, this product is on zenius net sd .

Contains SD School Lessons Learning Videos:

mathematics up to grade 6
mathematics up to grade 5
mathematics up to grade 4
mathematics up to grade 3
mathematics up to grade 2
math sd Grade 1 Science Elementary School Grade 6 Science Elementary School Grade 5 Science Elementary Grade 4 English Language Elementary School Grade 6 English Elementary Grade 5 English Language Elementary Classroom 4 Indonesian Class 6 Thematic Discussion Class 6 6 year discussion about SD UN questions and discussion about prediction questions

Tips for Success in Learning SD UN Questions

If the children are proactive, without being told to learn they can learn independently, then of course they will easily learn without assistance. If the child is less proactive, they have to be instructed to study, then it is better if they accompany their sons and daughters to study, once again it is enough to sit together listening to Zenius together, watch it watch. Together, it feels relaxed but the material can be understood because there is an opportunity to listen.