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Zenius has released products with Zenius xpedia prices which are updated in the 2017/2018 school year. The positive response is shown by the booming of orders from all over Indonesia at the beginning of the school year and at other moments, for complete information about the whole Zenius product, please click on the homepage of this online tutoring web  .

Zenius Multimedia Class 12 Natural Science Package is available for the KTSP curriculum or  Zenius Curriculum 2013 and Curriculum 2013 Revision is the newest zenius multimedia grade 12 high school package.

Zenius Learning Multimedia Table of Contents on Each DVD 

We display the content of this SMA IPA package to provide an overall picture for potential users so that they can decide whether the Zenius learning package for high school multimedia learning is needed or not, useful or not.

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Zenius Multimedia Sbmptn Guide DVD Contents and TPA

This guidance is really needed so that users or students are directed in using this Zenius multimedia dvd. This section is very important because in addition to directions, it also includes tips and motivation tips so that students are more motivated and more optimistic, the impact of using Zenius is more intense.

Zenius Multimedia Demo Guide

  1. Optimized the use of Zenius multimedia packages.
  2. Understand the competitive field and challenges.
  3. Introduction to Zenius education Multimedia
  4. Introducing an ok self-concept.
  5. Expectations and Motivation
  6. The essential thinking tool.
  7. Guidelines for optimizing the use of the Zenius Education package.
  8. Learning problems and solutions.
  9. Learn how to learn.
  10. learning time management.
  11. Tips for alumni.
  12. Tips for new users.
  • Academic Potential Test

Basic Thinking and Reasoning Skill

  1. General Introduction to Thinking Machine
  2. Set and Categhories
  3. Inductive Reasoning
  4. Deductive Reasoning and Logic

Basic Verbal Skill

  1. Theory
  2. Analogy Problem
  3. Antonym Problem
  4. Problem Synonyms

Latest Material (Module) DVD Contents of Basic Mathematics Lessons 1. Theory and questions about PTN Test Preparation

  1. Basic postulates
  2. Inequality
  3. Theory and Problems of Mastering Absolute Signs
  4. Line Equations
  5. Quadratic Equations
  6. Quadratic Functions
  7. Exponents and Logarithms
  8. Sequence and series
  9. Trigonometry
  10. Limit
  11. Derivative

2. Discussion of PTN Questions according to year
3. Discussion of Capita Selecta Questions for PTN Tests Contents of DVD for Science Mathematics Lessons 1. Antiremed Zenius Multimedia Learning & Basic Mathematics Ability

  1. Introduction to basic math skills
  2. Mathematical Methods and Postulates
  3. Algebra and Arithmetic
  4. Mathematical and Comparative Models
  5. Chart


  1. Derivative Review Integral Theory
  2. Basic Integral Theory
  3. Trigonometric Integral Theory
  4. Substitution Integral Theory
  5. Advance Integral Theory
  6. Sure Integral Theory
  7. Trigonometric Substitution Integral Theory
  8. Area Integral Theory
  9. Partial Integral Theory
  10. Integral Volume Theory
  11. Exercises 

Linear Program (PL)

  1. OT theory Required capabilities
  2. OT theory target function
  3. PL Theory of Mathematical Modeling


  1. Basic matrix theory 
  2. The Theory of Counting Operations Matrix
  3. Inverse Matrix Theory and Determinants
  4. Exercises

Geometry Transformation vectors of
Exponents and Logarithms of
Sequences and Series
exercises Problem and Discussion
2. Theory and discussion of questions per chapter on the preparation of the National Examination and PTN
3. Discussion of Capita Selekta Questions for PTN Test Preparation 4. Discussion of PTN Test Questions according to Year
5. Discussion of National Examination Questions according to the year

Contents of the Zenius Multimedia Learning Physics CD

1. Anti Remed Class 12

  1. Wave
  2. Sound
  3. Physical Optics
  4. Static electricity
  5. Magnets
  6. Atomic physics
  7. Relativity
  8. Core Physics
  9. Exercise Questions and Discussion

2. Theory and Discussion on the Preparation for the National Examination and PTN Tests

  1. Mechanics
  2. Vibrations, Waves and Sound
    Elasticity and Harmony Motion Simple
    Wave Mechanics
  3. Static electricity
  4. Dynamic electricity
  5. Magnets
  6. Alternating electricity
  7. Substance and Heat of
    Temperature and Heat
    Kinetic Theory of
    Thermodynamic Gases
  8.  Modern Physics
  9. Electromagnetic Waves and Physical Optics
  10.  Geometric Optics

3. Discussion on capita selective PTN and SBMPTN tests
4. Discussion on SBMPTN questions for PTN tests per year
5. Understanding UN questions per year

Zenius Multimedia Kimia SMA Antiremed DVD Contents

1. Colligative Properties
2. Redox and Electrochemical
Reactions 3. Elemental Reactions
4. Radioactive
5. Carbon Compounds

  1. preliminary
  2. Alkanes
  3.  Alkenes
  4. Alkuna
  5. Alkane Derivatives
  6. Isomeri
  7. Organic Chemical Reactions
  8. Reaction Identification
  9. Benzene
  10. Polymer

Other contents are Module and 1DVD KIMIA UN and PTN Chemistry DVD Contents UN & PTN

  1. Theory and Problems with the Preparation of National Examination and PTN Tests
  2. Discussion of PTN test questions per year
  3. Understanding UN questions per year

Zenius multimedia biology DVD contents


  1. Zenius Multimedia Learning & Basic Skills for Biology
  2. Metabolism
  3.  Cell reproduction
  4. Genetics
  5. Microorganisms
  6. Plant Structure
  7. Invertebrates
  8. Ecology
  9. Evolution
  10. Biotechnology
  11. Work of Human Body Tools
  12. Vertebrates

Discussion of Capita Selekta
Problems Discussion of PTN Test Questions annually
Understanding UN Questions per year Content of DVD Indonesian Language Antiremed Class 12

  1. Short story, novel or story
  2.  Language in Official Letters and Events
  3. Meaning What is contained in poetry and words means symbols
  4. Main idea and conclusion of paragraph
  5. Questions according to reading
  6. Practice questions and discussion

Theory and Problem Perbab Preparation UN and Tests PTN
Discussion About capita selekta Test PTN and SBMPTN
Discussion About SBMPTN Test State per year
Pemabahasan Problem UN per year Contents of DVD English Theory and Problem Perbab Preparation UN and Tests PTN Discussion About capita selekta Test PTN and SBMPTN Discussion on SBMPTN Questions for PTN per year Discussion on UN questions per year Apart from the zenius education DVD above, there is also the zenius.net Voucher CD Tools (throughout the school year), zenius education online. Zenius club vouchers (discussion forum and direct question and answer to zenius tutors)

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