Digital Private Tutoring

Looking for private tutors?, Looking for private tutors is easy and difficult indeed, but now private lessons can be done via computer or smartphone media, you know, what is meant here is very much like conventional private tutoring as usual, the difference is only in the use of learning media (multimedia audio-visual). In principle, the same as with conventional tutorials or private lessons, only the instructors provide material through audio-visual multimedia, namely via CD, DVD or Online Video Access. Overview of the product:
If in CD format it is called Zenius Multimedia, If it is in DVD and Video formats Online and access to questions and answers with the tutor for the name of the product Zenius Education. You can listen to the details on the Private Home Tutor via computer.

Cheap Digital Private Tutoring The Learning Revolution

For the Online Video Format, the name is, the demo video can be watched in private lessons in Jakarta , the three products above are products from Zenius Education, the full explanation is in Surabaya Private Tutoring
Sorry, don’t need to be confused … Jakarta Private Tutoring and Surabaya Private Lessons above is just the name of the link … it doesn’t connect … hehehe, it’s okay to go easy.
7 Secrets Why Zenius Education remains the choice of private tutoring for students to excel in school and penetrate the ideal school / PTN:

  • The way to describe it is pleasant, “environmentally friendly”, easy for children to like.
  • Easy to understand
  • The language is “hit” for schoolchildren.
  • Interactive and attention-grabbing videos
  • There are interesting text and image animations
  • No need to leave the house, for example if from Bandung then private lessons duo then it goes without need to zenius in Jakarta, quite alone in the house is open a laptop or smartphone.
  • The material is complete and in accordance with the curriculum

Then there are more advantages to Zenius Education products, including:

  • The theory is presented clearly, is very conceptual so that it understands well and is also supported by the questions and discussion.
  • Can patch up the lack of understanding of learning at school
  • Subject matter can be repeated via laptop / tablet
  • Many product variants can be tailored to the needs of school students
  • Opening insights into understanding, not just memorizing the formula.
  • In addition, it can be adjusted according to user needs and of course it can be adjusted according to the budget of each consumer.
  • what is certain is the cost of private tutoring is very economical.

Is Zenius Education really Effective for private lessons?

The answer can be listened to the words / testimonials of users or alumni of Zenius Education.

Then what are Zenius Education products? 
As explained earlier, Zenius Education has 3 types of products, namely:

  2. Zenius Multimedia Learning CD
  3. Zenius Education Xpedia 2.0.

Let’s start with the first explanation, Online Private Tutoring is a website where consumers can study / private tutoring in the form of online videos. There are 3 types of users on
1. Guest
All visitors who are limited to visiting and have not registered (sign-up)

2. Regular visitors who have registered (sign-up) using their email address or twitter. Regular members can access several Zenius videos, net.

3. Premium visitors who have registered (sign-up) and have purchased a voucher, so that with this voucher, users get an activation code from regular to premium status, where Premium members can access all videos.

The advantages of

Users (Premium members) can access lessons from elementary, junior high, high school to National Examination and SBMPTN preparation in one account. There are more than 30,000 (update) 41,000 videos that can be watched. can be accessed from smartphones and tablets, so consumers can take private lessons anytime anywhere as long as there is internet access. vouchers consist of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

There is a big advantage with private lessons using where by upgrading to a premium member of for 1 month or another, this 1 account can be used in turns by SD, SMP or SMA users. It’s really thrifty at

In addition, if you are lazy to activate your voucher yourself, then don’t worry because we can help you activate your voucher so you can just use it … is it simple …?

More info is at

A few tips for you users to make it easier to play videos. If there are users complaining that the video cannot be played. This can happen for several reasons. one of them is the use of FLASH and HTML5. If you are using a laptop or PC, you should. You use the FLASH video setting. But if you are using a Smartphone, use HTML5. These video settings you can find in your profile section.

Swipe to the very bottom of the profile. Then you will find the video player settings. As seen in the image below …

Les Private Zenius Multimedia (CD Format)

In general, CD Zenius Multimedia private lessons contains an explanation of basic theories, practice questions and their discussion. Zenius Multimedia CD is provided for SD, SMP, SMA, UN Package and complete package. This Zenius Multimedia Learning CD has the most product variants among the other two products.

For Zenius Multimedia SD private lessons are divided into gems per class and per semester, there are five subjects in general, namely Mathematics, Science, English, Indonesian, and Thematic.

Mathematics material starts from grade 1 to grade 6, Science and English lessons from grades 4 to 6. While Indonesian and Thematic are only grade 6
For Zenius Multimedia SMP as well as SD it is divided into jewels of lessons, classes and per semester. Consists of Mathematics, Science (Physics and Biology), Indonesian Language, and English.

For SMA, the Zenius Multimedia CD is not divided by class but the gems are basic Mathematics, Natural Science Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Indonesian, English, History, Economics, Geography. Also equipped with Zenius Learning, Basic Skills and TPA / TBS for UM & SBMPTN. All subjects contain theory and questions. There is also a special package for questions and discussion of the State Higher Education Entrance Test.

For more complete information, please click Zenius Multimedia, set units per lesson / per semester.

Complete Package on CD Zenius Multimedia Private Tutoring

This Zenius Multimedia private tutoring package is a collection of all the existing CD Sets. Suitable for users who want private lessons to get a complete way of learning from the beginning chapters, all the material is more in-depth and thorough.

In this Zenius Multimedia CD package, the data format is made in the form of a CD, suitable for private tutoring users whose Internet signal is not good enough.

Please adjust your choice according to existing conditions.

The prices above have not been corrected in the new school year 2015/2016.

It should be understood that this CD is only intended for computers or laptops, BukaN CD Player Video

Detailed and detailed explanations are in Zenius Multimedia
Package Zenius Multimedia Complete Package:

    CD Format
    Get 1 month free voucher
    Prices range from IDR 770,000 to IDR 1,650,000, –
    Consists of a complete package of SD, SMP, SMA IPA and SMA IPS

There is also a Zenius Multimedia Mini CD Package with a price range of 165,000 to 495,000 for The UN SD, SMP and SMA packages also prepare for the PTN test.

In addition to the Zenius Multimedia CD package, there is also a private tutoring CD package set per lesson / per semester with a price range of Rp. 77,000 to Rp110,000.

Zenius Xpedia Smart n Gaul Private Tutoring

Another Zenius Education product is the Xpedia 2.0 Package, which is a 1-year package divided by class. Xpedia 2.0 packages are available starting from grade 6 SD, SMP, SMA to Alumni (IPC). The material in the Xpedia 2.0 package has been adjusted to the school curriculum, namely the KTSP curriculum and the 2013 curriculum for grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. and 12 Unless SD is still KTSP

What are the contents of Xpedia 2.0?
In addition to the offline package in the form of DVD, Xpedia 2.0 also has online features consisting of vouchers and zenius club vouchers. itself is a collection of 41,000 learning videos from elementary to high school that can be accessed on the web, while

Zenius club is an online private tutoring forum as a place to ask questions and find answers by directly discussing with tutors (this service is special only for owners / users of the Xpedia 2.0 package). In addition, it is also a place for gathering and discussion of the Zenius community … sst the slang private tutors .. Learning

DVD set

or private tutorials via video on DVD which consists of antiremed initial chapters of various subject matter, explanations of various theories and a collection of questions, as well as a complete discussion for the preparation of the National Examination and SNMPTN.

The contents of this DVD set are according to the class package.

It should be understood that this DVD is only intended for computers or laptops, Open the

Zenius Module Video DVD Player

A collection of pdf questions accompanied by content codes (questions) that can be used to access the video discussion on Its function is to practice. Where if necessary, a pdf file containing these practice questions is done by yourself first, then to see or check the answers, you can see the video discussion by accessing
BONUS Exclusive
T-Shirt Zenius Education Exclusive T-shirt is only in the Xpedia 2.0 package box.

What are the advantages of the Xpedia 2.0 package?

More about Zenius Education Xpedia 2.0

More info about prices can be seen on the Zenius Education Price List Meanwhile, the

Xpedia 2.0 package consists of:

  •     In the form of a collection of materials on DVD
  •     There is a Zenius Module (pdf collection of questions)
  •     Free vouchers until August 1, 2016
  •     Free Zenius club vouchers
  •     Prices range from Rp. up to IDR 1,089,000
  •     Available for SD, SMP (7,8,9) and SMA (10,11,12 IPA and IPS)
  •     Curriculum update 2013.