Definition of Tutoring and Private Tutoring

What is the meaning of Tutoring ?
Are there not enough materials provided by the school?
When does a student feel the need to study private tutoring ?

Understanding Tutoring

Let’s answer together …
Tutoring or abbreviated Bimbel at first is an additional learning outside of school whose function is to complement or provide enrichment material from what has been given the subject matter in school. However, in its implementation in the field there is a shift, where students come to tutoring to help with homework that they have not studied before, they have not tried. even though there are still children or students who come to the guidance with difficult problems to find solutions for.
So it can be concluded that the existence of guidance is not a substitute for the role of the school but a complement to learning activities at school when the teacher’s busyness at school and limited time at school make students need additional tutoring outside of school.

Understanding Private Tutoring

Meanwhile, private tutoring is the explanation that can be summarized that it is guidance with a smaller number of students or more specifically. Of course, if calculated financials will be more expensive than Tutoring regular Smaller number of students between 15 to 25 people (each tutoring different rules). Then when do we make the decision for tutoring and when do we have private lessons ? I think of course myself better know each other’s situation, also parents and teachers at school know very well each other’s academic situation. If it feels like a large class is like taking tutoring

can be accommodated by your needs, can understand well the material presented and there is also a question and answer service in the guidance  , so it’s a good idea to try to choose guidance , which of course the price or cost is cheaper than continuous private tutoring .
But if you feel that tutoring is more suitable than tutoring, then my advice is to do private lessons if:

  1. home stay away from the bustle of the city … for safety’s sake.
  2. If you feel less easy to study in large classes such as tutoring.
  3. if the tutoring is still not enough, it means that you still find some difficulties in learning when you study on your own.

Regarding private tutoring , it is necessary to be selective in choosing teachers. Make sure the competence is in accordance with the needs. The trick in the first meeting sodori teacher les with the problems you had as a student is not able to finish it (not ngetes dropped haphazard For teachers). The most important thing is to do the testing gently, without being felt by private tutors that we know their abilities.

But from all of that, there are actually learning media that can accommodate learning needs and can play a dual role as tutoring and also as private tutors that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The form can be in the form of multimedia videos, CDs or DVDs that can be accessed via a laptop or PC. Questions and answers can also be done online and also online tutoring where learning uses internet access to watch the learning videos. Before using it further, it’s a good idea to identify guidance or direction so that its use is programmed. That’s a little share about Tutoring and Private Tutoring .