Zenius Xpedia 12 IPS

Available Zenius Xpedia 12 IPS KTSP, Revised K13 and K13 at the same price

Zenius Xpedia is a collection of instructional videos that are structured systematically following the appropriate curriculum, there are 3 options: the KTSP curriculum, the 2013 curriculum or the 2013 revised curriculum. It contains a variety of subject matter learned in the running semester at school, subjects tested at the National Examination and tested in the written test SBMPTN. Friends can very easily understand and master the subject matter … really, lots of testimonial evidence … they can penetrate with Zenius, of course you can too. Zenius multimedia has provided concrete evidence as an effective and very modern learning media that makes it easy for friends to understand the material because the delivery is clear, very easy to learn and fun, like being taught by friends themselves, because the language is really slang, you know. The Zenius Xpedia 2.0 product is the right choice, worth it, efficient, affordable, quality and effective, which is a shame if you miss it in accompanying you to guide your friends’ academic career intersections. Listen to the explanation of the word of the Zenius conceptor …

Xpedia 2.0 package advantages:

  • More material and more updates!
  • The price of the Zenius SBMPTN IPS is very affordable
  • Free zenius club members
  • Zenius.net 1 Academic Year Voucher

Contents of Zenius Xpedia 2.0 Package

DVD setLearning through video on DVD which consists of conceptual material per chapter ranging from antiremed to various subject matter tested at the National Examination and SBMPTN, explained by mastery of the theory of theory and strengthened by discussion of problematic questions, as well as video discussion of complete questions for the UN and SBMPTN.Zenius net voucherThis voucher contains an activation code that can upgrade your membership from regular (you can only listen to a few learning videos) to premium (you can access all the videos on Zeniusnet, totaling more than 22,000 video tutorials with a total duration of more than 1,000 hours and content conditions are always updated. When compared to this package with the Zenius voucher price, it is more economical.Zenius club voucherOnline forums as a place to ask questions and find answers by directly discussing with tutors. Besides that, it is also a place to gather and discuss the Zenius community.Zenius moduleA collection of questions with more than 1,000 question sets for various subjects of various levels. In each module there is a question code that can be used on zenius.net to access discussion videos.Exclusive T-shirtsEvery purchase of the complete Xpedia 2.0 package, you will get a “Zenius Education” shirt.

Content of 12 Social Studies Package Study Materials

  • DVD Zenius Learning Guide, TPA
  • Indonesian DVD
  • English DVD
  • DVD Antiremed Mathematics
  • DVD Mathematics UN & PTN
  • DVD Antiremed IPS
  • DVD IPS Theory of National Examination Preparation & PTN Tests
  • DVD IPS for UN Questions and PTN Tests
  • DVD IPS Mixed Questions for PTN Test Preparation
  • CD Tools
  • Zenius.net voucher (for one school year)
  • Zenius club vouchers (exclusive question and answer forum directly with Zenius tutors)
  • Zenius Education Exclusive T-Shirt

Avoid pirated Zenius CDs … to be honest, this is not just a reason for our business advantage of selling Zenius, but it’s really not really effective at getting pirated ones, because the content is divided into DVDs and online, now which pirated ones have online versions.
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