The difference between Zenius Multimedia Learning is ORIGINAL and NOT ORIGINAL

Zenius Multimedia Learning

The process of releasing this Zenius product has been improved repeatedly and this is the result of the hard work of the Team which involves many people, including friends from ITB, UI and many more. The launch of the Zenius multimedia learning CD for SMA in 2008 received a positive response in the community to the point that there was a demand from the market / consumers to launch an SD & SMP version product in 2009 and it was responded positively by the market. Moreover, in the last few years, until 2017, Zenius is currently confused by the demands of consumers / students who need this study package because it has proven that it is not a promise, so many testimonies are not enough to write on this page.

But in its development, whether it’s market law or how I don’t know exactly, if there is a product that is in demand, the piracy phenomenon will emerge . 

To deal with this, the Team carried out problem solving by balancing the number of Interactive Learning CD users, namely CD / DVD content was limited to Concept Theory, while the discussion of questions had to be with Internet access ( Because between Theory and Exercise questions are two things that are very interrelated, thus the public / market / consumers know exactly the benefits / benefits of having Zenius Education ORIGINAL compared to Zenius BAJAKAN al ias Tak Ori. 

With this separation between DVD content and online content in the package zenius xpedia the effort to me NCAR i cd zenius piratedis a waste of energy and a waste of money. Because that is pirated automatically dipastik content an incomplete . 

S ecara also have different psychological zenius pirated cd with the original, as an example only someone wearing a nice bag famous brand that the original would have felt comfortable in the appeal kw buy … when ditanyapun be embarrassed, perhaps equally shy but equally ga friend or ang others would hide ng u mpet makenya , how could comfortably makenya … whose name the blessing … to pay the sweat of other people’s work.

if so, what’s the solution if you can’t afford the original Zenius … so the solution:

  1. joint venture up to 2 or 3 friends who can cooperate with each other .
  2. search and buy from a store that is NOT a pirated zenius cd regardless of class which is still ok ( contact i 081315526135 maybe there is used stock) , then other friends buy vouchers to be able to share with each other.
  3. can also to bukalapak , we’re men selling cassettes zenius pirated .


Zenius Learning First inevitably accompanied voucher zenius net  fake will not be accompanied by a voucher  
Zenius First Multimedia Learning CD / DVD Data safely tucked away … CD False Data content ga definitely complete , while in the pack there ori zenius Zenius Club (Forum debriefing Online) is in the Zenius Xpedia Package.