Zenius Club Xpedia 2019/2020


Hello SBMPTN Fighters friends, on this occasion we would like to provide information about the Zenius Club, which is a voucher in the Zenius xpedia package.

This voucher is used to learn via online video tutorial access at zenius.net and get direct question and answer service with the tutor. The question and answer service does not apply to the Zenius xpedia SD package in which there is a Zenius net sd voucher. 

Sometimes we find some consumers who want to buy xpedia packages WITHOUT vouchers and vice versa, many consumers want zenius net online vouchers. Such circumstances make us have a stock of Zenius xpedia vouchers (extracted from the Zenius xpedia package that was purchased by the DVD only).

If you want to order xpedia vouchers via Tokedia, please click the Zenius Club voucher price via Tokedia or if you want to order directly to 081315526135. 

We confirm beforehand that the availability of this voucher is not continuous, it is not certain, if there is, then you are lucky, please ask first about availability … 

Below we also inform you about the SBMPTN Try Out which is planned to be held until December 2017. 

Dont Miss It … there is only chance.

Zenius Club Xpedia 2019 Try Out Schedule

The following is the complete schedule for Try Out until the end of 2017

Zenius Try Out Participants Requirements

Requirements for joining TO Zenius are enough to have the Zenius Xpedia 12 IPA, IPS or Alumni / IPC package for the current academic year 2017/2018 Those who don’t have the Zenius Xpedia Package can get it on the zenius xpedia IPA page , zenius IPS products or zenius xpedia alumni or can visit Zenius Tokopedia. After having the Xpedia Zenius class 12 SMA or alumni package, then the next step is to do the zenius club activation method or other terms xpedia zenius activation because Zenius Club is only available in the Zenius xpedia package.

NuGraha Zenius Seller provides a plus service, namely zenius club voucher activation assistance for those who order the Zenius xpedia package who want to simply receive it, just use it.

Zenius Try Out Registration Procedures

This Try Out is different from what Zenius had previously held. This time, users who want to take part in the Try Out must first register at this link:
https://www.zenius.net/club#!/tryout-sbmptn:data-untuk-registrasi-akun. We will register users who have filled in data on that page. After that we will send a password that will be used to log in on the CBT Try Out page at http://cbt.zeniusclub.com/ 

Registered participants and passwords will be posted on the Zenius Club forum by the Zenius admin. Every Friday, or before the Try Out takes place, our admin will post the Try Out code on the Zenius Club Forum.

The Try Out will start every Friday at 19:00 WIB and end on Sunday at 19:00 WIB. Students can do the Try Out questions anytime and anywhere between the available Try Out times.
The following is the appearance of the CBT Try Out page that will take place
1. Initial view of the Zenius Club CBT Try Out page

2. Display after successful login. To do the Try Out, click “Do TO”

3. To start the Try Out, enter the test code then click “Enter”. The exam code will be posted on the Zenius Club forum every Friday according to the Try Out schedule.

4. Display the Xpedia Zenius Try Out question sheet