Zenius Education Can Bimbel Online / Offline Anytime, Anywhere

Are you elementary, junior high, high school students or alumni who want to try the PTN test again this year?
Test scores, exams and report cards are not as expected? 
Want to be successful in the UN?
Craving to Enter Favorite School / PTN?
Do you want to enter your favorite school / PTN according to your dream?
Do you want to be able to maintain consistency of motivation when you enter school / college so that your performance will get better …?
Do you have a vision and mission and a strategy to achieve what you desire …?
Do you have short-term and long-term programs, … so that after college, the orientation will be clear in working in society?

Check out the description of Zenius Education products by clicking the image below …

A Revolutionary Way of Learning for Elementary-Middle-High School Students. 
Why is it said revolutionary … because:

  • Like having a private tutor who is smart, always ready on 24 hours whenever you need it.
  • Subject matter can be repeated until you really understand the concept … (not memorized how to).
  • The tutors are not only good and smart in their fields … but the way they are conveyed is like friends really use slang … you can feel like you have friends who are really good and inspiring.

It’s better not to believe the bombastic words above before you see the demo content of what this online tutoring program offers. Demo Video Footage of Zenius Education SMA   <—- SMA Click here Demo Video Footage of Zenius Education SMP   <—- SMP Click here Demo Video Footage of Zenius Education SD   <—- SD Click here If you have seen the content of this online multimedia tutorial …

Zenius Education

Zenius Education is a lesson learning program for SD SMP and SMA that uses multimedia as a learning tool.Zenius Education products consist of:

  1. Zenius Education (Offline Tutoring via Multimedia DVD + Online Bimbel + Online Forum)
  2. Zenius Multimedia (offline tutorial via Multimedia CD)
  3. Zenius.net  (Online Bimbel)
  4. Offline tutoring in conventional regular class (Only in Jakarta)
  5. Zenius English (Online English Course) for free for any age … adapted to the placement test … (New)
  6. Easy way to Learn English for beginners … (New)

Now tutoring or private tutoring can be done anywhere at any time using only PC computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, tablets, smartphones. An convenience that has been enjoyed by some students who already know the existence of this Online Tutoring.