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When I was in high school, I participated in tutoring in one of the famous tutors in Bandung. Seeing the way of delivery and the skill of the instructor, frankly, I was amazed… really amazed. Never during my school have been taught such smart teachers in tutoring. I am increasingly taking part in the tutoring program so I have a big jump in achievement at school. You could say the atmosphere in the classroom at that time was not strong enough in the concentration towards the PTN test.
During college around the 90s, I finally thought about how to be effective in the teacher learning material in the tutoring, which I said was smart, was documented so that we could choose chapters as needed, because tutoring problems usually if we miss a chapter it is rather difficult to repeat the explanation of the chapter … Then answered in 2009, almost 2 decades have just been answered, namely the existence of zenius.net. With this your nephew never takes part in tutoring, from knowing Zenius from 9th to 12th grade, his performance is ok without tutoring. In fact, he was accepted at IPB Bogor without tutoring through the written test route. Already, the IP is wow… 3.7 fantastic… means Zenius has given a strong concept from the material presented.

 What is Zenius.net?

Is tutoring or it could be said that private tutorials can be accessed at zenius.net via the web on the internet. There, you can find all the subject matter that is tested in the UN, both elementary and junior high schools and also some of the subjects taught at schoolHow to use it is to use internet access via a PC or Laptop or Tablet, Smartphone etc. The video can be accessed at zenius.net . Previously, it was necessary to register (sign up) as if we were registering for Facebook, Twitter etc. So that you are registered as a regular member who can access several videos. If you are interested in seeing everything, then switch to premium member … How to buy a voucher containing a 16digit code for activation which will be filled in on zenius.net   and change the status to a premium member until the specified time period.