Zenius Net HD Video Discusses USBN UN Via Smartphone


So far, Zenius Education has got a lot of questions like this from social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or directly via telephone or WhatsApp.

if you want to learn to use Zenius, how do you do it?
I want to try learning to use Zenius, which product is suitable for buying?
how to order Zenius products? where are they sold?
does Zenius have a bundle? sales book? or what the heck?
Do you want to follow Zenius, how do you join?
I want tutoring at Zenius, where is the location?
how can i get Zenius products in my city?

What is Zenius net?
Zenius net is a website containing Zenius learning video videos from SD SMP to UN and PTN tests (for SMA), where the video content is presented in a complete, systematic, structured, tiered level of difficulty, especially in delivery using a language style preferred by the students. students, seem to be taught by friends but very good at it. The use of Zenius net is tailored to the needs of students, because it is available in several variations of vouchers: 1 Month Voucher 3 Month Voucher 6 Month  Voucher 9 Month  Voucher 12 Month Voucher  Complete details at Zenius.net SD SMP SMA

Zenius Net SD online tutorial video content

naah .. now I want to explain everything at once, so if any of your friends still don’t understand how to learn to use Zenius or where to buy Zenius products, you can just refer directly to this blog page.

First of all, I want to explain a little about the general design of Zenius products, especially for those of you who don’t know at all about Zenius education. Broadly speaking, Zenius offered:

discussion of school subject matter from grade 1 to grade 6 plus a discussion of the UASBN UN questions in video format.

Grade 1 Elementary School Lessons 

Elementary class 1 lesson content includes mathematics semester 1 and semester 2.

Grade 2 Elementary School Lessons

Similar to grade 1 for grade 2 elementary school lessons which we highlight are semester 1 and semester 2 mathematics

Grade 3 Elementary School Lessons

Likewise for grade 3 elementary school lessons that we focused on in the discussion were mathematics lessons.

Grade 4 Elementary School Lessons

In grade 4 the subject matter for grade 4 includes mathematics, science and English lessons.

Grade 5 Elementary School Lessons

Same as in grade 4, the subject matter for grade 5 includes mathematics, science and English lessons.

Grade 6 Elementary School Lessons

In grade 6, the subject matter for grade 6 includes mathematics, science and English and Indonesian. PLUS there is a discussion of questions on the UN mathematics, Indonesian and science questions for 6 sets of years plus prediction discussion videos.

Study online at zenius.net

what is zenius.net? so, zenius.net is a website where you can study fun with tutorials to watch thousands of videos for each subject and discuss questions from elementary, junior high school, high school material, national exams, sbmptn, to various PTN independent exams.

well, you can see that in the toolbar at the top I have broken the top so you can learn according to the level of education you are currently taking, both in elementary, junior high, high school, or for those of you who are focused on SD UASBN UN. I take an example, for example you are an elementary student, well on the toolbar, we have provided a complete set of every subject you want to study, from grade 1 to grade 6, including un preparation for each subject. This Zenius net SD voucher is valid until August 1 every year.

Anyway, usually the question arises like this: if streaming is like a kind of YouTube, how fast is it if you learn from the website? Just calm down, we have tried to make the Zenius video format on zenius.net so that the size is very quota friendly. so if your internet provider isn’t down anymore, it’s really bad, you should still be able to access streaming videos on zenius.net together seamlessly.

if you are interested in subscribing and getting full access to watch all video material and discussion of questions on zenius.net, you can get several options for the duration of access.

To buy an electric voucher for zenius.net subscription, you can take it online on this page. Zenius offers various alternative payment methods including:

How to order Zenius Net SD Vouchers

Click the BUY button on this page to order via bank transfer
through the Tokopedia NuGraha shop at Zenius Net SD. For friends at other class levels such as high school and junior high school, zenius club vouchers are available , part of the zenius xpedia package.