Zenius UN SMA IPS 2019 package

Contains a video compilation of discussion about the UN set of 5 years plus predictions that have been categorized based on SKL
Also equipped with a PDF file of the questions contained in the CD for self-answer practice materials / Try Out yourself.

Content of Zenius UN SMA IPS

This SMA IPS CD Set Package serves to make it easier to work smoothly on the SMA UN IPS majoring questions, namely Indonesian, English, Social Studies Mathematics, Sociology, Economics and Geography.
The SMA IPS UN set is also a collection of videos about UN questions for 5 years plus a video discussion of predictions and a complete discussion video of UN questions that have been categorized based on SKL, and also equipped with PDFs of all the questions contained on the CD. UN SMA IPS Package Contents: 1 CD Video collection about the UN High School Mathematics IPS and Discussion 1 CD Economics 1 CD Geography 1 CD Sociology 1 CD Video Discussion About the UN High School Indonesian first English CD Total duration: 77 hours Free 21-Day Access