Zenius UN SMP

Zenius SMP UN CD Package

This package is perfect for 9 junior high school students who want to focus on preparing for the National Examination. This package contains video discussions about UN questions about 5 years. Zenius UN SMP aims to help you work smoothly on SMP UN questions, namely Mathematics, Science, and Indonesian and English. Zenius UN SMP contains a collection of UN questions for 5 years plus predictions and a complete discussion of UN questions that have been categorized based on SKL, and is also equipped with PDFs of all the questions contained on the CD. If you want a complete package you can go to our page at Zenius SMP.

Zenius UN SMP, if we make it for our loved ones, is a Monumental Gift, which can be passed on to his younger siblings … Video CD Bimbel Forever Useful not only for 1 person but can be forgiven For orders via Tokopedia, you can go to Zenius UN SMP.

Zenius material for Junior High School UN